Friday, December 31, 2010

Fresh Start: Housekeeping


What's Your Style?

All moms have different "housekeeping personalities".  Knowing yours can help you improve your techniques.

The Perfectionist:  I started with this one first, because it is the farthest from my personality!  Does Housekeeping keep you from going to bed or allow yourself any indulgences during the day?  If so, I need some lessons!

The Procrastinator:  Those who work well under pressure but might run over the dog with the vacuum just before greeting your Mother-In-Law.  

The Traveler:  Cleans sporadically so when Housekeeping time is over, nothing looks clean.

The Sprinter:  Because life can't go on without Housekeeping, the Sprinter rushes through the job without doing it right.  

Truth be told, we all have moments where we could classify ourselves in a variety of these categories.  Today, I tried to face my Housekeeping Personality Demons, set my timer (how many times have you read that on a blog?), and get to work.

What Did I Learn?

I am capable when I put my mind to something.

The timer actually did help.  It's amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes.

If I allowed myself breaks periodically, it helped me continue working.

Coffee over ice in the afternoon is just as refreshing as hot coffee in the morning.

You won't finish in a day, and that's ok.

Perfection isn't the goal!  I could have remade the bed for my photo shoot, but Mr. Cheeks messed it up in a moment of play.  Where we live is not a house, it's a home.

What style are YOU?



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