Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giving Thanks - It Doesn't Have To Stop!

I think that toddlers are thankful all of the time.  As much as we get excited about the actual Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day, small children probably see it as a day full of new things and happy people (hopefully not far from an ordinary day).  Sure, there are more people surrounding them with love, and certainly more food!

As I reflect on last week's wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, my son has inspires me to see the awe in everything.  Holiday or not, the boy can be excited about everything from an extra crumb of his morning muffin to a School Bus that pulls up next to us in the car. In this picture he was thankful to be able to walk between the inside and out without having to ask permission or help.  To him, this was Heaven on Earth!

I am enjoying all of the wonderful Christmas ideas and shopping tips on the many blogs I read, but I find myself hanging on to all of the sentiments of posts I read last week.  I don't want to forget the importance of Giving Thanks, and hope that I can intertwine it with the Christmas notions of Peace and Joy.



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