Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back2Blogging Day 2

This week is all about revisiting my blog and taking a peek at it's evolution.  Today's topic (as part of the SITS challenge) is to share a post that you wish more people had read, and explain why.

When I first began blogging, I was on summer vacation (one of the BEST parts of the schoolhouse), and had tons of time to leave comments and meet new bloggy friends.  I haven't been posting as much, and I want to make sure that readers saw this post:

Those who follow me know that I have found one of the best aspects of blogging to be the sense of community amongst those involved.  Since I am a working mom, I miss out on having a group of moms that I can confide in.  Blogging has filled that void, and offered me every resource imaginable.  So many resources, in fact, I need another day in the week to put them all into action.

I think it is important to spotlight those who share a unique message in their blog, whether it be heartfelt, humorous, spiritual, or otherwise beneficial to all who read it.  One particularly HOT Sunday in Atlanta, I found a very enticing picture of Ice Cream, and got the idea for the Sunday Scoop.  Ending the week featuring great blogs seemed like a great idea to me.

The more I get into blogging (and honestly, the more I have returned to work), I am not sure that I am the best person to seek out blogs, as there are SO many.  So, I am putting a spin on the Sunday Scoop, and inviting those of you who would like to be featured to let me know, and we will put YOU on center stage. Comment Love will be flowing, and you may even find yourself with some new followers. 

Don't be shy!  The best way to gain readership is to put yourself out there, and the talent in the blogopshere is amazing.  Check out the "Featured On The Sunday Scoop" page to learn more about being featured.  I can't wait to feature some new blogs this week!


At September 14, 2010 at 10:28 AM , OpenID schrocksterslive said...

I'm not really sure how I found your blog....but I've been following it and really enjoy it. I would love to be featured on it. I'll check out the link and give you whatever information you need. I too can relate to being a working mom and trying to keep up with work, a family life, and still have the communications with other moms that you miss out on. __:), Jessica


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