Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Sunday Scoop

It has been a hectic week in our house, leaving little time for anything but taking care of Mr. Cheeks.  But, with a sick baby comes some of those little cuddle moments I've missed so much!

I have found time here and there to jump on the computer, and I have two blogs to share in this week's Sunday Scoop.  I am also in the finishing stages of creating a Sunday Scoop button that you can grab and play along, if you are looking for a way to share some of what you found in the blogosphere each week!  So here are my two new favorites....

Jen, from Heligirl: Positive Discipline Mommy, has opened my eyes to the variety of parenting and discipline philosophies available to us all.  Not only has she done the research to back up her thoughts on discipline, but she shares frequent stories of putting her philosophy into action with her two beautiful children.  Jen has challenged me to examine my own thoughts on discipline, and the perspective we all bring from the way that we were raised.  In addition to being a talented writer and working mom, she can also fly a helicopter, which is just cool.  I highly encourage checking out Jen's blog, and the myriad of resources she has shared.


One of my goals for the new school year is to be as organized as possible, both at home and at work.  Enter Clean Mama.  This blog is full of amazing organizational ideas and motivation for keeping up with the domestic demands of life.  Clean Mama offers a wide variety of printables (some for FREE), and will customize them to meet your needs.  Through her Etsy shop, Clean Mama designed printables for my lesson plans, department notes, and weekly Band Program reminders.  Not only are they adorable, but they are extremely functional, and you can print as many as you need!  Clean Mama is a "must-add" to your blogroll!  Becky is professional, helpful, and INSPIRING!!  

Hope you enjoy these two talented bloggers as much as I do.  Be sure to leave them some comment love, and let them know I sent you!