Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Will Only Hurt a Bit...

Those were the words spoken so sweetly to Mr. Cheeks, just before his one year shots yesterday.  And the reaction:

I couldn't justify bringing my huge SLR camera into the pediatrician's office, but you get the idea!

The world of the pediatrician's office is such an interesting one, and let me assure you that a one year old will sure make a liar out of you!  Case and point:

Me: Oh, yes, Mr. Cheeks has a very pleasant disposition.

Mr. Cheeks: Fling the stuffed animal with all my might directly at the doctor's face.

Me:  Mr. Cheeks seems to only make the sound "baa", should I be concerned?

Mr. Cheeks:  Maa, Maa!  Gu, Gu, Gu... (Translation, not the Gettysburg Address, but a variety of consonant sounds come swirling out of his mouth). 

Me:  We are so excited that Mr. Cheeks can walk on his own now!

Doctor:  Great, Let's see!!

Mr. Cheeks:  Parks it right on the tile floor, smiles beautifully at the two of us, and doesn't budge.

Hopefully some of you have had a similar experience.  Meanwhile, we leave the office with a clean bill of health (for which I am eternally grateful!), Mr. Cheeks oscillating between screaming and winning over the hearts of every nurse from one end of the building tot he next, and me wondering where I find the nearest copy of The Strong Willed Child.