Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Personalities of the Schoolhouse

Well, it's D-Day.  Tomorrow is officially the first day of school for teachers in my district, so it's off to work I go.  For those of you that have never taught school, you should know that the schoolhouse is where the magic happens, but is also full of....women.  Lots and lots of women.  All shapes, all sizes, and ALL personalities.

I've never worked anywhere but the schoolhouse, but I imagine it has to be the usual office drama, gossip, cattiness, and fashion police times 157.2%.  At least that's how it feels...

A few of you may have just had a little perspiration form on your brow at the thought of the schoolhouse not being all sunshine, crayola markers, and boxed milk, but rest assured, we really are all here for your child.  I promise.

In honor of going back to school, I thought I would make a glossary, of sorts, of the different personalities that make a school tick.  We've all got 'em.  And what better way to kick off the year than to vent for a millisecond about the lovely folks who will help me enrich the lives of children in just over a week.

The First Year Teacher.  I know, not nice to pick on the newbie first, but I can't help myself.  While the rest of us stumble in, still wearing shorts because it is 115 degrees in the South right now, this character will arrive an hour early in a nicely pressed Ann Taylor Loft original, ready to report for duty.  School supplies are the name of this one's game, as she'll have every color of post-it note under the rainbow.  All doe-eyed and giddy, she will meet her new colleagues, and not rest a wink until the First Day of School.

The Veteran.  Forget the post-its, Starbucks is the name of this one's game.  Hardly able to fathom that summer is already over, the veteran manages to find a pen in the floorboard of her car, and scribbles only the important stuff directly on the meeting agenda, knowing full well, that will never be seen again.  The hot glue will dry on the decorations minutes before open house.

The Secretary.  The gem of every schoolhouse.  Need to know the latest scoop or just need a stamp - you're in the right place!  Definitely the front line of defense, and usually dodging the bullets of forgotten lunches, forgotten homework, a kid with the stomach flu, and a teacher that needs something NOW!  The secretary has been enjoying the calm before the storm, returning to work a few weeks before the teachers.  She'll leave tomorrow not knowing what hit her.

The Custodians.  Sometimes I wander the halls in search of someone, ANYONE, that can see through all the charades and drama happening around me, and peace and serenity are often found in the folks that are still with me well after the students have left.  Not only are these some of the hardest working folks in the schoolhouse, they are some of the most genuine, and will remind you of what is really important at the end of the day.  The children.

The Administration.  Gasp - she's gonna go there?  Nope.  Sure am not.  I love my job, I'm thankful for it, and I'm not stupid.

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