Monday, February 28, 2011


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Sometimes life buzzes a little too quickly around us,  causing our "to-do lists" to take over our office, car, house, bathroom, life.  Ever had a few of those weeks yourself?  Breathe.  Prioritize.  Get Things Done.  

So after a little break from all things computer related, I feel so much better.  

  I have investigated my finances, and tracking spending has helped me have a true understanding of what money we really have coming in and where it is really going.  Using this calendar, and budget worksheet to capture my thoughts on paper has given me a system moving forward.

I have become very inspired by bloggers that encourage simple living.  If I really had to be honest, I find it difficult to live simply.  I love a new pair of shoes, the latest handbag, and going out for a really nice meal.  I am beginning to see the financial results of not budgeting or planning for these kind of purchases, though, and it is making me question what I will spend my money on.

Mr. Cheeks and I had some fun dates during the week.  He has such a darling little personality and gets so excited about such seemingly little things.  I even had a chance to find some discipline tactics that work for him, and learned to choose my battles.  I think that everything was becoming a big deal to me, but after being around him for much longer periods of time, I realized that some things are small potatoes, while others are a perfect chance to teach a lesson.

I feel much calmer about my role as a mom and with that freedom in my head has come the energy and motivation to get other aspects of my life back in order.

This morning, work is staring me right in the face. The challenge?  Embrace. It.  I have enjoyed being a stay at home mom and have just touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to projects and organization.  I guess the solution there is to implement the same organization at work slowly and be mindful of the balance between my different roles.

It is nice to have a sense of calm and feel like things are in order.

Have you ever taken a break from technology to reacquaint yourself with your "real life"? 


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