Monday, February 7, 2011

Project Life Tuesday: January In Review

It is hard to believe that January has come and gone.  
Snowstorms, toddler tantrums, monkey bread, baseboard cleaning, and lots of smiles graced Addington last month.  I kept up with the quick journaling and photography that make up Project Life and found it to be a great way to end the day.  Putting a tiny thought on paper usually brought a smile to my face or made me stop and think about what made this day unique.  

Some quotable journaling entries from January:
"Tonight Mr. Cheeks found such joy in a bowl of fruit."
"Watch out Martha Stewart."
"The snow lingers on the roof of our swing set."
"Ummm...a power struggle."
"Having a toddler at home is sometimes...SILLY."
"Meal battle 2011 complete."
"My students challenge me each day to find new and innovative ways to reach them and teach them."



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