Friday, January 21, 2011

5 Question Friday

My Little Life

In need of some inspiration for a post this Friday after a LOOOOONG week back at the Schoolhouse, I came across this fun linky party on some of my favorite blogs.  I really liked the questions this week!  Hope you will grab the button and play along!

1. Where did you meet your spouse and did you instantly know it was love?
Hubby and I met at a Summer Festival in Atlanta.  We were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and hit it off right away!  We both found ourselves telling the friend how cute we thought the other was and that we would love to see each other again.

The hook?  He had a boat and invited me to the lake the next day - who could refuse?  A big group of us had a fabulous time, and the rest is history.  My favorite moment from early in our relationship that I remember is Hubby saying to me, "Do you think everyone gets to feel this kind of love in their life?"

2. What is your favorite room in your house?
I love my craft room!  We moved into our house less than a year ago, and I am so lucky to have the extra room.  I escape to this room and have time to create, reflect, blog, or whatever!

3. Can you wiggle your ears?
Sitting at my desk trying right now.  Ok.  No.  

4. What is your evening ritual?
After arriving home from school, playing with Mr. Cheeks, and dinner, I love to either spend time with Hubby or have quiet time to myself.  Almost always involves a nice cold glass of Chardonnay, a good book or my computer (and all of your great blogs), or mindless television (which always ends in falling asleep on the couch!).    I'm definitely not very productive at night, and go to bed ridiculously early.  

5. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
As. Many. As. Possible.

Looking forward to a great weekend!  If you wrote a great post this week, I'd love to feature you on this week's Sunday Scoop - email me!


At January 21, 2011 at 9:25 AM , Blogger Biz said...

So much fun to learn a little bit more about you!

At January 21, 2011 at 9:52 AM , Blogger Mrs. Werginz said...

Umm...number sweet of your husband to ask that!! I have never heard that part of the story!

Number 5- Amen sister!!

At January 21, 2011 at 1:29 PM , Blogger Tribute Books Mama said...

here's mine

At January 22, 2011 at 8:04 AM , Blogger Stephanie said...

I love 5 Question Fridays!!!!

I want a craft room so badly!!!!! Right now I have everything stuffed into an armoire and it's a horrible mess. Of course I haven't had time to do any crafting in so long it probably doesn't matter at this point where it is. I want to learn to sew too so maybe I'll have a craft room one day when my kids move :)

I just saw below this post that you do Project Life too - Yay!


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