Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weeknight Craftiness

I have FINALLY found some time (or made some time) to escape to my craft room!  I decided to expand on another idea I had this summer, and create a more personal thank you note.

When I receive a gift, or someone goes out of their way for me, I never cease to think of the time and effort it took to make that act of kindness happen.  Giving a gift requires prior thought and planning, and most times even expense.  I needed to write a thank you for recent hospitality and one for a belated birthday gift for Mr. Cheeks.

To thank our hosts from last weekend's amazing retreat, I took one of my favorite pictures and made it the cover for the note.  I was sure to mention how much the beautiful surroundings helped us feel so relaxed, and hopefully it will make these wonderful friends even more proud of all the work they've put into their house.

Some of our extended family lives in California, so they never get to see Mr. Cheeks.  I decided to capture the moment of him opening his gift (side-note:  very cool that he actually cares about a package now!!).  I'm sure my Uncle will appreciate getting to see his fascination with the ribbon and the exciting present inside.

So many of my followers are inspirational photographers, so next time, instead of reaching for a boring old thank you note, share some of your work with those around you!

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