Monday, August 23, 2010

Energy or Fatigue? Which Will The Day Bring?

As I try to motivate myself to accomplish everything on my "To Do" List, my mind often wanders to hugely successful people.

Does Oprah ever take a nap on a Sunday afternoon?

When does Lance Armstrong decide not to go for a bike ride, and to give in to the fatigue that he must suffer from at some point?

If you are going to be exceptional at something (or even in life), how much can you truly stop and take a break?  

I personally struggle with this ALL the time.  I am a person who loves to nap.  When I was little, naps were a requirement well beyond the age that I should have been napping, and the urge to stop and rest midday has never left me.  

Life, however, has gotten more busy and complicated, but I still want to find time for myself and pursue my hobbies.  In order to do so, I simply have to sleep less.  And if I want to take over the band directing world, fulfill my mommy/family duties, have an amazing blog, and take cool pictures, I might as well buy stock in 5 Hour Energy.  

I recently emailed a fellow blogger and complimented her on the domestic goddess she seems to be.  I mentioned in my email that surely she must never sleep.  She replied, "I do sleep.  I guess I just work really fast."

Ahh...The other piece to the puzzle.  Focus.  With all of the power behind the amazing Mac Computer that I would sleep with if I could, comes ADD overload.  To complete a task without checking email, looking at a blog, chatting with someone, or tweeting, is IMPOSSIBLE for me.  

Focus, and thus efficiency, could probably bring back a few minutes of lost sleep, and allow me to save the world (or just use less concealer to cover those dark circles)!  Are you rested or do you just deal with fatigue in order to accomplish everything you set out to do?

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