Monday, August 30, 2010

Photo Challenge: Hate to Love It!

After a long day of music making at the schoolhouse and taking care of Mr. Cheeks, there is nothing that I enjoy more than relaxing with hubby and a cold glass of wine!  I also love a girls night out over a great bottle of Chardonnay, solving the problems of the world or just the schoolhouse.  So, without hesitation, after this past weekend's girls trip, the perfect "Hate to Love It" photo just had to be:

Do you have the perfect "Hate to Love It" Photo?  Link on over to Mandy's photo challenge here:

In other news, I have been featured on one of my favorite blogs!

I was very thankful this weekend to receive a spotlight by one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley, at Just Another Mom of 2.  I've posted about Ashley's incredible blog before, and trust me, she is far more than just another Mom!

It is so exciting to see your blog being featured on someone else's, and Ashley is who motivated me to feature bloggers on my Sunday Scoop.

I have found that my days get away from me now that I have returned to work full time, but this week I have created a calendar, so I can keep up with this creative outlet that brings me much joy.  Could be time for a post on balancing the schoolhouse and the blog!  I will always reserve a day in my calendar for the impromptu tales from the crypt...I mean band room.



At September 4, 2010 at 3:14 PM , Blogger Modista Modesta said...

Congratulations - she did a great job on the feature, and her blog is pretty cool also.


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