Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventures in Beantown!

Travel.  Get Out of Dodge.  Escape.  Explore.

  I find traveling to be such an adventure but also such an escape.  There is something so liberating about wandering the streets of a completely unfamiliar place, peering around each corner to uncover a new surprise.

I went to Boston, which was a new city for me, and absolutely loved it!  Rich in History, great food, and unique neighborhoods, it made the perfect setting for a weekend getaway.

My mom and sister were my travel companions, an annual tradition that started in the Big Apple last year and will hopefully continue for years to come.  Our time was spent wandering in and out of each little neighborhood, snapping photos and marveling at the age of the buildings, churches, and monuments.   

In the North End, we discovered Italian food that was worth every minute of the long wait (spent mostly debating which bakery was better - Mikes Pastries or Modern Pastry - we chose Mike's!).

The next morning, my feet didn't hit the streets until almost 10:00 am.  One word - vacation.  The shops on Newberry Street played host to the first half of our day, complete with a celebrity sighting!

Cape Cod served as the finale for our weekend, and the scenery was literally something out of a movie.  We devoured lobster at this culinary gem, all the while watching a taping for the Food Network!  Fishing boats drifted in and out and the peaceful Atlantic waves lapped at the shore.  I. Didn't. Want. To. Leave.

But alas, we journeyed home, recounting our tales, and already planning our next adventure.  



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