Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Addington Bookshelf

Ahh...the calm peaceful feeling that comes with reading a good book.  Books bring me comfort in knowing I'm not the only one who has been covered in the effects of an infant's "acid reflux", while being stared at longingly by the dog who used to be the center of my world, meanwhile missing terribly the husband who is on a business trip.

Now that Articles from Addington is a part of my life, potential blog posts float constantly through my mind as I enjoy the ups and downs of every day life.  I find myself often coming back to the urge to share books that have either helped me out during those tough moments as a new mom, or books that have allowed me a moment of escape (even if it was BRIEF.)

I have always been someone who enjoyed reading several books at once.  I find that my interests vary from day to day.  Instead of continuing to post about books, I decided to create a page on my blog called the Addington Bookshelf, where you can see what I am currently reading and a brief review.  Check it out!

I am always looking to others for books that they found helpful or particularly enjoyed, and hopefully this page and post will elicit some suggestions!

Maybe this weekend has afforded you a moment to escape to a good book....happy reading!



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