Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Celebration - One Year of Fun

This weekend we celebrated our son's first birthday and it was so much fun!  In some ways, I couldn't believe a year had past since meeting our new little boy, but in other ways so much has happened and I sometimes don't remember how life was before being a mom.

Summer is drawing to a close, and I'll be working again in about two weeks, so the birthday party was the perfect way to enjoy the season once more.

Although little man is on the move now (he performed quite nicely and took a few steps for the folks at the party!), I think this stage is amazing and so fun.  I am so intrigued way he is able to play with toys now, and what he remembers.

My favorite part of the day is that celebrating with a one year old brings out the child in everyone.  I enjoyed watching my family and friends laugh so much, get down on the floor, squeal at toys and books that they remembered as children, and give hugs and kisses by the hundreds.

It is so exciting to think that there are so many more memories to make and changes to watch!  A first birthday post would be incomplete, however without a good picture of our first cake (before and after):

He certainly wasn't shy about tasting his first sweets!  Happy Birthday!



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