Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kid's Food from Scratch - The Easy Way

 I decided a way to give a little bit of love from mom during the day while I was working was to make my own baby food (which has carried into toddler recipes).  My son loved the healthy food, and it cost a fraction of the cost of jarred food from the store.  I learned a lot about preparation, storage, texture, and purchasing produce in the process, and so there will be many posts sharing information about the topic, including great recipes and techniques.

It was important to me to have published resources about homemade food, so I could ensure safety for my little one.  There were two books that ended up providing the most concise information:

Super Baby Food is an excellent book about not only preparation of homemade baby food, but also infant and toddler nutrition, portion sizes, and health.  There is also a great section about crafts, activities, birthday parties, etc.  

This has been my primary resource for how to prepare food for my son, when to introduce foods, and how much to feed him.  It even provides guidance on bottles, sippy cups, and introduction of regular milk.  

Although it is lengthy, it is so easy to find what you need, and refer back to things frequently.  

The other primary resource is Annabel Karmel.  She offers several fantastic books, and even better, the majority of her recipes can be found on her website.  She not only has recipes for infants just beginning to eat, but offers lots of free recipes for toddlers.  Her foods blend many healthy ingredients and are delicious - even for mom!  I also really enjoy her fun ways to make food visually appealing for the older kids.

Future posts will include photos, recipes, and time saving tips that make food preparation easy and portable for any busy mom.

This post is part of Steady Mom's 30 minute blog challenge.

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At July 13, 2010 at 11:04 PM , Blogger Amanda said...

i love Annabel Karmel's recipes books. Will have to check out that one when its time to make my lil one's food.

At July 15, 2010 at 7:22 PM , Blogger Sofia said...

Awesome! I think with a bit of planning, making our own babyfood is very feasible. I did it with my first few kids, but as we added more children to the family, I relied on organic jarred food. Not great, but better, right?

I'm stopping by through Steady Mom's 30 Minute Challenge. I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @ http://sofiasideas.com/

At September 14, 2011 at 1:30 AM , Blogger stevesmith said...

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